Decision Time


For those of us in school, it’s at this point in the year that major decisions must be made. Maybe it’s even time for those not in school too. It’s also the same time when we try our best to discern God’s voice and His plan for us. At the very least, it’s intimidating. 

How do I know what my next step is?

How do I know this is something God is telling me versus just me thinking it? 

How can I tell who is who and what to do next? 

There’s so much pressure to make every decision a perfect one the first time. There’s no room for mistakes. Mistakes expose our weaknesses; they’re proof we don’t know what we’re doing 100% of the time: proof we don’t always have it all together.  

How terrifying? 

But you know, sometimes God let’s us make these mistakes in an effort to speak to us and teach us something. Sometimes He uses these opportunities as wake up calls to try to get us to listen to His voice more often.  

 So how do I listen to God’s voice? 

Find a quiet spot. Find a time and place to be in silence. Begin by clearing your mind and lift up your heart. Pray in the Spirit. And just be still. Set that timer on your phone if you have to. And above all else, be patient. Reach out to a friend for guidance if you need it! 

Then discern.