Even us sinners may rejoice

It's so easy with the holiday season to be experiencing feelings and emotions that aren't so cheerful and glad... I'm talking about the feelings of "Wow, I wish I had that" or "Why did they get that? Do they really deserve it?" 

These feelings of jealousy, bitterness and even our focus on material things tend to take the happiness and joy out of the season quickly- even more, they take Christ out of Christmas.
It's hard to admit and humbling, but we are all sinners. You, me, everyone. But even though we may fail, there's still our God who loves us so much that He sent his only Son to save us. 

Could you imagine?

Could you do that? Give up your only child to save the rest of us?

Christ gave us the greatest gift of all and its time we rejoice in His coming; He has come to save us from ourselves and our failures! 

So as I sit at my holiday parties this Christmas, I'm going to try and focus on the greatest, most precious and priceless gift God has shared with us, the opportunity for eternal life with him, eternal happiness. 

I'm going to let go my feelings for materialistic matters and focus on the eternal matters. 

Let go of my jealousy and bitterness. 

Let us welcome in this precious baby and celebrate the Christmas season accordingly.