On my way out the door this morning, I fell. I was carrying a bunch of stuff I needed to take to work... the heal of my boot caught on a lip and I went down on the cold concrete. My knees are bruised, bloody and sore now.

I tried getting up by myself but I felt a little weak and shaky. My mom saw me fall and ran out to help me, but I didn't let her right away. Why?

Sometimes I feel like my faith life and relationship with the Lord goes the same way. Except here, we typically don't notice our bloody knees and bruises right away. We fall so hard we may 'break a bone', but when our Father rushes over to help us up we shoot Him down and claim we can do it on our own, on our own shaky, weak legs.

We don't have to go through these things on our own, but our human weaknesses sometimes seem to take over and we think we can do it all alone.

What are you trying to do alone today? Give it to the Lord. He is here for you and me in all situations to wipe off our bloody knees and pick us back up.