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Throughout the weekend there will be time to listen to people share about their faith and the message of the Gospel, time for small groups, time for prayer and worship. Come with an eager and open heart ready to experience a new prayer life, ways to grow as a young adult, and to build relationships with other brothers and sisters in Christ.

Join us March 22- 24th



*first 50 get a bed

w/ private bathroom
$155/weekend to share

*Financial Aid avalible

$16  S-XL



Talk 1

This offers a simple presentation of God's life, God's unconditional love, and the ongoing personal invitation to a relationship with God. Which also explains the seminar as an opportunity for spiritual formation.



The preparation for commitment to Jesus Christ and openness to the Spirit. This is the talk in which the process of conversation is explained as an essential part of the Christian Life. This is the talk in which people are called to reorient their lives as needed. The presentation explains how to turn to the Lord, (repentance and faith) and what is involved in being baptized in the Spirit. In the personal contact with the faith sharing facilitator and/or sponsor, the people in the seminar can work out any problems and receive personal help.

Talk 2

We focus on the importance of Christ and the gift of salvation. Jesus is Shepherd, Healer, Lord, and Redeemer. Being a Christian and living in the Spirit of Jesus involves committing and recommitting to a way of life. The presentation explains the basic gospel message and what it means to live as disciples in God's Kingdom. We are presented with the daily choice between good and evil, between sin and redemption. This is a sobering invitation.


We express the renewal of Baptismal Vows and prayer for baptism in the Spirit. People also experience a variety of gifts and charisms that are closely related to a release of the Spirit. The whole session is set aside for prayer.

Talk 3

Center your minds on the promise of new life in Jesus. It helps participants realize the goodness of the gift being offered to them. An explanation of how Jesus lived in the Spirit is given. The baptism of Jesus becomes our model. A witness is given on the place of gifts, fruits, and charisms of the Spirit in daily life.



It offers a vision of both transformation and mission through the life in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is at work changing us and enabling us as Church to change the world. As we choose to grow in personal relationships and join ourselves ever more closely to the Body of Jesus we will bear fruit. We must persevere in this work despite trials and difficulties.


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